Online Therapy Sessions

I would like to provide you with some practical information to help you understand what to expect with online sessions and to provide some tips to make sure the process runs smoothly.


It might feel scary or uncertain to have some sessions online but they can be as effective as meeting face to face.  My goal is to create a safe and contained space to work with you. I have held numerous sessions online and they work well.  EMDR is also very effective online. We will discuss this further when we meet. The services below are end to end encrypted so servers do not know what is transmitted making them secure for us to use. 


Different services we can use:


  1. Zoom


My current preferred online service is Zoom.  This is an encrypted service and is free for you to access and download.


A video on how to use Zoom is here :


If we are using zoom I will send you an email before the session which contains a meeting number.  Please make sure I have the correct email before the session. When you open Zoom, it will ask you to enter the meeting number so that you can join me.  If you join before me you’ll be asked to wait until I’m available. 



  1. Whats App


Another encrypted service is Whats App.  This can be downloaded on your smart phone. Please make sure that I have your correct mobile number in advance of the session.






Please make sure that:


  1. You have your computer or mobile set up with Zoom or What app before the session commences.  This includes having your microphone and video turned on.

  2. Your computer or mobile is positioned at a sensible height so that I can clearly see your face and that the camera is at eye level.  If several people will be participating, please make sure that I can see everyone clearly.

  3. It is very easy to hear background noises e.g. animals and washing machines and kettles etc. so please make sure you are in a quiet location. 

  4. You will not be disturbed for the duration of the session and that the door to the room you are sitting in is closed.

  5. If you are using your computer, you have your mobile out of reach and with the sound muted so that it is not a distraction.

  6. You do not have your back to a window or light – this can make it very hard for me to see you clearly.

  7. You have a box of tissues nearby.

  8. You have a glass of water nearby.

  9. You have not been drinking alcohol or taking drugs before any sessions where they may still be in your body.

  10. You do NOT record the sessions.  I will not be recording any of our sessions UNLESS I have prior consent from you and this has been mutually discussed, agreed on, and a consent form has been signed by you.

  11. You will NOT let anyone else listen in to any part of the online session (via phone or any other technical device or in person) without prior agreement with me, Kathy Allen.

  12. You join the meeting at the agreed time. 


Sometimes people use headphones during online sessions. If your audio on your laptop or iOS pad is good then you may not need them. 


If we are working with EMDR then we’ll see what the best form of bilateral stimulation is. We may use the BSDR player on your smart phone. This is an app that can be downloaded for £10. It provides bilateral tones through earphones. In this case you will need earphones to hear the tones. We will discuss this further. 


As with face to face sessions, the confidentiality still applies. I will not break confidentiality unless I feel you may harm yourself or others. With this in mind, I’ll ask for your GP and next of kin details before we start. I will not contact them unless we have discussed this first.